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Lisa's Voice on New LucasArts Game

While we hope we never get an album review that says "Lisa's voice put this listener to sleep," that's probably the possible result of a new track Lisa sang on for LucasArts' new game, Lucidity. Lisa sang the popular Swedish lullaby "Byssan Lull" for the game which hits stores October 7th. Click this headline to hear the track!

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Techno Squirrels on latest Paul Van Dyk Album

Legendary DJ and producer Paul Van Dyk has included an exclusive Vandit Records remix of Love Comes First (Styrafoamkid Remix) on his latest album - Cream Ibiza: Paul Van Dyk.

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"Love Comes First" on Om Records

Om Records has included our track "Love Comes First" onto their upcoming compilation CD "Om Chilled volume 2". Be sure to pick it up in your local store or on iTunes!

New Internet Radio Fees Raise Costs and Eyebrows

New rules announced by the Copyright Royalty Board overseeing US-based internet radio stations are causing many broadcasters and musicians to vocalize their disapproval of the system.

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MTV's Real World features us!!

MTV's hit show, The Real World (Sydney), featured the Techno Squirrels in episode 10: Breaking the Girl Code!! Check local listings for rebroadcast listings.

Our Video is OUT!!

Our video is finally done. It's up on YouTube and also on It's available in high definition too for anyone who'd like to air it. We shot it around the world in some pretty neat locations and also in our backyard of LA and California. Check it out here!

Science Fiction, eh?

Sci Fi fans around the world can hear Techno Squirrels on episode 32 "Phantoms"of Canadian-produced show, Regenesis. They use "Om Mani" in one of their lab sequences and we're very excited to be introduced to the Sci Fi crowd. "Hello Sci Fi people. We come in peace. Take us to your leader."

Subscribe to Our Podcast

If you haven't already, be sure to check out out podcast on iTunes or any other podcast directory. We've got interviews we've done on Swedish radio, a sit down chat we had with DJ Stonebridge, a video of us and The Puff, and more!

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Techno Squirrels in San Francisco for Video Shoot

We headed up to San Francisco for a week to shoot parts for our upcoming video for "Unbelievable," available as a single and on our album. We'll be headed soon to the Mojave!

Techno Squirrels Goes Carbon Neutral!

We're such trend-setters. Less than a year after our debut EP release came out with a notice on the back explaining the concept of "Carbon Neutral," Al Gore put out an Oscar winning documentary on the subject. Coincidence? I think not! ;) Okay, maybe that's a stretch. But if you don't know yet about the "Carbon Neutral" movement, click to read more...

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"Love Comes First" Nr 1 on Top 40!!!

Great news! After much efforts to send our music to radio we found out recently that our track "Love Comes First" is charting as nr 1 on the Top 40 of Sirius Satellite radio!!!

"...easily the front-runner as my favorite Electronica act this year."

- Hutch Magazine

Techno Squirrels is a "Carbon Neutral" band, meaning carbon dioxide offsets have been purchased to counteract the emissions generated in manufacturing and promoting their releases. For information on how to become "Carbon Neutral" yourself, visit